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The Journey Begins

Hey all, my name is Angelica Zeller. I am a 29-year-old woman and I am on the recovery road to a better me. The journey has been a long and bumpy road, with many twist and turns and do not stop, do not collect $200 dollars. There have also been moments where the sun has finally cleared through the clouds and the once chilly day has cleared for a beautiful warm moment.

Through this journey of recovery, I have learned some helpful pieces of wisdom from mentors, therapist, books and articles that have helped me on this path, that I want to share with those who are looking for help, advice and maybe most importantly know, they are not alone.

As a disclaimer; I am not a licensed therapist. Anything stated in this blog is based on my journey and opinion. Things that have helped me may or may not help you. As this is an ongoing journey, items and topics discussed are always a work in progress. Negative commentary to any post or comment to another person will not be tolerated. Please be mindful. 

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