You Are Worth It

For the person out there who is feeling alone, confused and depressed about love or self love, I dedicate this to you.

You are worth it

You are worth the first glance smile, the one that puts a twinkle in their eye and brightens up their whole face just because they see you.

You are worth a good morning and a good night text because starting and ending the day feels better with you.

You are worth being told you are beautiful, smart, funny because that’s who you are deep down inside.

You are worth affirmations. You deserve to be told beautiful things about yourself.

You are worth the time. Life is short and time is precious, any second with you is a pleasure.

You deserve me time. Time to relax and regroup with no obligation to anything else.

You are worthy and deserving of respect.

You deserve flowers. Not because you asked but because the other person wanted to give them to you.

You are worthy of being taken on a date. Anytime spent with you and cherishing a night out with you is worth every minute.

You are worth more than a night.

You are worth the small every day things. The trinkets, washing a dish, or just thinking about you and hope you’re having a good day! text. Even the small things add up and they are little treasures of joy you carry through out your day.

You are worth more than words of promise, I wills and I’ll try. You are worth the fulfilled promises, I can and I did.

You are worth more than the sum of all goods. You are worth more than the sun, the moon, and the stars in sky. You are invaluable and there will never be another you.

You are worth the cell phone being put down and away. Your voice is worth listening to and all focus on you.

You are worth being treated special.

You are worthy of good things.

You are worth fighting for because fighting with you is still being with you and you are worthy of all the chances.

You are worth compromises. To be met half way and to accommodate the needs of both parties.

You are worth because you are beautiful, inside and out.

You are worthy of love. You may feel like you don’t deserve it or that it will never come to you, but I want you to look in that mirror and I want you to tell yourself that you are more than worth it.

You are worth it because you are a good person.

You are worthy of your own love. You are worthy of a self love so great any additional love is a bonus.

You are worth it because you deserve it.

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