Daily Affirmation Challenge Check In

Hey all! Today marks the 30th day of the Daily Affirmation Challenge. As promised todays blog is going to go over the the 30 day mark of the challenge, the things I learned while getting to this point and what I am going to do going forward.

If you have no clue what I am talking about, click the button below to find more information about the Daily Affirmation Challenge.

Congratulations to all who made it with me! How did you make with your challenge? Did you find it helpful? Share your thoughts and concerns below I would love to hear them.

Lets start of by recapping the steps to the challenge;

Mini Recap of Daily Affirmation Challenge

1. Decide what you want to achieve
I wanted to increase my own self-affirmation and decrease the need of receiving affirmation

2. Write your own affirmations
I wrote mine on a sticky note and had it on my work desk. Here were the affirmations I came up with
– I make a difference.
– I can’t make everyone happy. That is not my job or responsibility.
– I am worthy and deserving of love.

3. Start Small – Make it so you can achieve success

4. Repeat it once a day
I repeated mine in the morning, just before work started

What I learned

I thought I would have a bigger list than what I ended up with. When I kept looking at my sticky note at work, I kept thinking what could I put on this list? What can I use as a daily affirmation? But you know what, that’s ok! What I ended up with was a list I could deal with and feel like I meant it as I would say them to myself. No points for half heartedness. I felt if I am going to do this, it has to come from within and it has to met my goals.

When I got to work, aside from using the Shine app, I would say my daily affirmations and really let them resonate with me. I felt a shift in happiness and on days that were hard, I found myself repeating them throughout the course of the day. I think if you were to walk by my office, you would see someone who was approachable and in a good mood. I can’t say its been like that all the time but I felt like it helped me.

Because I started my day off with them (yes technically I have a time period where i get out of bed, get ready for work, take Bella for a walk) I felt like I started off my day on a good note. Even before I got to work, I found myself thinking, Ok Angelica, we aren’t going to let any bad dreams or thoughts get us off on the wrong foot, lets get to work and make sure we start the day off with positive thinking.

Today I found myself slightly triggered at work and had a hard time doing my Daily Affirmations. I did do them, and felt slightly better afterwards

Future Plans

I want to grow my list and keep up with it. I find myself thinking that some days I can switch out words of affirmations, just go with whatever feels right or what I need in a moment. It doesn’t have to be like a prayer or a chant or a song where you have to say the whole list.

I was listening to a Tony Robbins podcast and something he said during the podcast really stuck out to me, which is why I had specific wording about the challenge. By giving a goal a certain amount of days, you setting yourself up for failure. If you were someone who stopped smoking and were counting the days, whats the purpose? What Tony Robbins responded with; So that when you relapse, you can say I was at x number of days before I started smoking again. So for me, I hope you got a sense out of the challenge that this doesn’t go away after today, this is something you will stick to, and remain committed with, to not count the days. For the purpose of this blog I wanted to check in to give a progress report and feedback on the process, but I tried not to count down any remaining days or put a cap on when this would end. My goal is to keep this going.

By the way I have a resource page – podcast – where I list the podcast I listen to, including the Tony Robbins podcast. Click the button below to check it out;

Please, if you did the challenge, let me know how it went for you! What worked for you what didn’t work, something you would like to change or add.

*Sneak Preview of Future Blog Developments*

I wanted as part of this post give you an idea of whats coming up on the blog. If you liked the challenge, there are certainly more challenges we can do in the future. So far here is the list of future blog developments;
Blog Post Topics; Forgiveness, Dealing with Depression as a Manager, Embracing Imperfect, The Power of Music, and the last one all one topic – Benefits of Rowing, Physical Activity and Teamwork.
Blog Interviews; There are quite a few people in my life that have very admirable characteristics and I admire them greatly for them for those key characteristics. I think it would be great to be able to share some of the wisdom and life lessons they learned while talking about a specific character trait that I find they embody. Some of them are; Compassionate Listening, Resilience, and Perseverance to name a few. My interview subject for Perseverance has given me the thumbs up, so we will be working on that soon!
Book Reviews; I love to read, and I know when I read a book, especially when it comes to self help, I like to hear other readers take away from what they learned from the book. Maybe they saw something I didn’t, or had a different interpretation of what the author said. I mentioned on a previous blog I was working on Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth”, I have “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay on docket and quite a few others on my Books to Read list.
App Reviews both unpaid and paid versions; Similar reasoning to the books, I love technology and when we want to test a product out, we want to know before we pay for a service whether it works or not, right? I figured since I am using these apps, why not give some feedback on them and then you can decide whether you the app is for you or not.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share in the comments below or contact me privately in the contact me section of the blog. Thank you all for your time and I hope you all have a great week!

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