Time for Self-Reflection

What a year! What a decade! With a new year comes time for self-reflection and boy what a time to self reflect.

I apologize in the delay of writing in the blog. These last couple of months have been a whirl wind and I am sure everyone can understand. The holiday season and wrapping up the first semester of my MBA. How is it the Holiday Season can bring out the best and worst of us?

How many of you have planned a New Year’s Resolution? Do you have mini goals? It would be great to hear in the comments below.

Today, I wanted to write about Self-Reflection. Most of my blog post to this point have been geared towards being informative, sharing what I learned. I wanted instead to reach out to you the readers, how do you self-reflect? How often do you self-reflect? every day or maybe once a year?

Self-reflection has been deemed as beneficial for personal growth. Most successful people and stories you hear, the person has had periods of self-reflection that has helped propel internal growth.

Now when I think of self-reflecting, the first thing my brain wants to do is to compare my goals of past to where I am today and then against the people around me. The first part of that seems okay, the second part, thats where I get in trouble.

Comparing against other individuals is by far, one of the most toxic things you can do to yourself. It is so easy to do, perhaps its part of our need to survive and adapt. What do they have that I do not have and how can I achieve the same results?

What happens from there is a downward spiral. Its goes from curious fascination to jealously over your best friend for being married and having a kid on the way to and then a full on crying/shutdown/hot mess.

So, for you the reader, how do you self-reflect?

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