Good News Sunday: Happiness amidst COVID 19

It’s hard these days to just turn on the tv, radio, computer, phone and not be bombarded with bad news. The effects are hard on us mentally as we try to grasp the situation we are emerged in and what our future will look like. Today, I thought it would be nice to bring some good news, information, laughs, and some music.

First, How are is everyone doing on the gratitude challenge? What is posing to be a challenge to you? For those who may not know what I am talking about, last post I challenged readers to a 30 day gratitude challenge, you can find a link to the post below;

Good News: Reduction in Air Pollution

One of the most significant and amazing developments has been the reduction of air pollution. Have you all seen the post with the difference in the air quality in some of the major cities? The effects have been profound! The biggest wow was Punjab, India, who can now see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years. Around the globe, cities are reporting 30-50% reductions in air pollution, specifically in NO2 emissions. You can read more with the links below.

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Good News: Gratuity amongst big companies

I use google a lot, at home and at work. The last week, Google has been updating their doodles or the theme on the google search page to thanking specific essential workers during COV-ID. It was heart warming to see the different doodles each day and the thank you message associated with each one.

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Google isn’t the only company, Instagram has included thank you in stickers, even billboards/GDOT have expressed their gratitude to the essential workers going out and being our everyday heroes. I like how attention is being drawn to the every day things we may take for granted, the convenience in which we can obtain items. I didn’t realize how often I would go to the grocery store knowing I could easily obtain items, go out for walks, or just go out to do something fun. I hope that I am not the only one recognizing this.

Good News: The Importance of Social Interaction and Staying Connected

As we practice social distancing, I am seeing an increase in the want to connect to other people. Not just connect, but truly miss the presence of a person, our need to see people face to face. At work, I have a couple of extroverts who are going stir crazy at home and miss the social interaction work provided. I am also seeing introverts reaching out as well. I think it’s extraordinary to see this. Instead of people building walls, I am seeing them come down. I feel more connected to people now more than ever. I included the picture above because Pet Play Place has reached out multiple times throughout the pandemic to make sure Bella was doing good and if we needed anything to let them know. It was so sweet and felt so special.

Good News: Healthier Eating

With trips to the grocery stores being limited, planning out meals is becoming a must. I have been working on my diet for a couple of months now, cutting back gluten, sugar, caffeine and dairy. However, I could be tempted at the grocery store to buy that sweet or bread still. Now, my lack of discipline is slightly aided by the fact that with ordering groceries in advance I no longer have that temptation. As grocery stores lack some staples like canned foods, pasta, etc, items I notice that are still in stock are fresh produce, gluten-free and meat alternative products. So, for me in a way, eating healthier is a little easier now.

Good News: Self-Reflection and Working on Personal Goals

Now is the perfect time to be working on your inner self and personal goals. We have some extra time on our hands and in the era of “I don’t have time”, guess what? Now, its truly just a matter of your own discipline to work on these items. One could argue that if it really matters to you, you will make time for it. That’s true…. Don’t beat yourself up over it though. Take small manageable chunks and work on that.

Good News: Getting Creative and Having Fun

Taking time for you also means having some fun (even if your dog may not agree to some things) . Try something new or different. Give yourself a mini spa day, take a free online class, bake, make crafts, play with your dog. If you’re a musician, practice a new song just for fun. Hopefully below is a clip of me playing on the piano Il Volo – Grande Amore.

So for you the reader, I hope you find this encouraging, let’s focus on the good and do what we can to bring light into our lives and for those around us as well.

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