Inspirational Sunday: Ideas for keeping busy during COV-ID

Hey All! Hope you have been having a wonderful week. Last week I posted about happy news occuring in these times. I found myself inspired by a Thrillest article regarding fun ideas to do during COV-ID.

Here is a link to their article;

I wanted to expand on some of the items and add some of my own.

1. Working Out

Just because we can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean we should stop pursuing our fitness goals. Our homes are just as effective as going to the gym. It’s good to have healthy regular exercise regimes. Not just for our physical well being, for our mental well being as well. I did the lawn yesterday and decided, why not try the push mower without the gas 😆😭🤣.

I found myself motivated by watching instructors and youtube has been a great source. I also have some app suggestions as well 😎.

2. Self Reflection and Inner Self Work

I mentioned last week, now is a time to really work on your inner self and a good reflection period. The Shine App has stepped up, each day reaching out to users and helping lower anxiety levels. For those who don’t know the Shine App, it’s a great daily tool for mental health checks in. Below is a link to a review I did.

I have posted as well meditation ideas as well

I also recently posted a Gratitude Challenge and I have a new page on the site dedicated to challenges. Please stay tuned for calendar functionality.

3. Virtually Hang Out with Friends/Family

Have a girls night, facetime with family, get creative! For girls night we have now played taboo online and also did (Full Credit to my bestie Michaele for putting it together). Due to distance I’m used to facetiming family. As a tip, unless agreed to please give the person you’re full attention.

4. Garden

You may be in quarantine, why not spruce up the yard? You’re getting some time out of the house and some needed fresh air/space.

5. Support Local Businesses safely

Local Businesses need our help. Friday night is take out night at our house, a treat. Instead of known chains we using Uber eats and trying local cuisine. Uber eats has a feature where you can give additional funds to restaurants. Be smart and safe when using these services.

6. Try New Recipes

If you are trying to go on a diet, I feel like it’s a great time to do that. By not wanting to go out to eat, I’ve had to meal prep and plan out meals. Nothing keeps you more disciplined than only having the items in your diet available.

7. Reread some of your favorite books or find new series to start

8. Listen to new music

9. Try an online class or skill

I am all for education. YouTube has so many tutorials out there. LinkedIn is also a great place to look as well.

Bella and I hope all of you are being safe and are in good health. I’ll end today’s post with a mini haha.

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