Good News Friday and Morale Boast

Hey All, hope everyone has been doing well!

Today I wanted to give some good news and morale boast for those who need to hear it.

1. MIT Scientists Design Autonomous UV Robot That Can Disinfect Boston Food Bank in Just 30 Minutes

Attached is the link to the article. Have I mentioned I loved technological advancements? To me I think it looks pretty cool they look light sabers.

2. Sea Creature could hold cure for melanoma
The Desert Research Center in Reno, Nevada believe Ascidians may hold the key to curing melanoma. You can find the article link below. Pretty cool looking creatures.

Creator: Christian Gloor 
Copyright: © 2014 – Christian Gloor

3. Technology is bringing us closer together
To me, pre-cov-id, technology was tearing us away from each other. At the dinner table phones were a common sight. They disengaged us from the people in front of us. Now, same technology, the presence is different, it’s being used to engage with others. I see it on social media, I feel like the post I am seeing are people trying to find mindful connection to others.

4. Going out of the way for others

Sometimes, it really is about the small things. The Starbucks by me recently opened. I order in advance and pick up, taking sanitation protocol. Over the course of 2 weeks, I received these little stickers with my order and… it really made my day. The thought someone would do this to cheer others up, it makes me really happy inside and I hope that others felt the same sort of small joy that I did when receiving their order.

5. Pursuing dreams

Today, I read a story on how a bus driver pursued a history degree after being encouraged by students. I see friends posting how they are using this time to focus on their side hustle, or working out, becoming a nurse or even learning how to cross stitch. Watching others pursue their dreams has a way of influencing others to take the time and courage to pursue there’s as well. You go dream makers!

Our way of life is changing each and every day. Over the last couple of weeks, it feels like the world has been shaken. Stress levels are at an all time high. Confinement, diseases, and politics are challenging us in ways we didn’t expect.

In these hard times, I am reminded of the great leaders of the past, and some even from fiction. I reminded of my father. Steady as a rock, cool and calm under pressure, delivering the words that eases tension and guide us in hope of a better tomorrow. History reminds me that with dark times, there is hope for a better tomorrow. That we will rise to the occasion, pushing through the hard times with unfathomable character and strength. As in the past, we shall continue to do so in the future. Our relentlessness to be steadfast and courageous in the face of adversity will be legendary. These facts are written into the core of each human being and we have the inner power to act on it. I believe we will make it through and be stronger for it. We can be the heroes of our stories. I challenge each and every one of you reading this to make each day count and choose to rise to the occasion. Stand up for what you believe in. Show appreciation for those around you. Pursue your dreams. Don’t wait for another day to pass you by, your time is now.

Stay safe everyone!

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