About Me

Hey there, My name is Angelica Zeller. I am originally from Upstate New York but currently reside in Atlanta, GA.

When I am not working as a Client Services Manager, you can find me baking, taking photos, eating, teaching piano, eating, kick boxing, napping, painting, rowing, spending time with family/friends, adoring my dog Bella and did I mention eating?

I hold a degree in Instrumental Music Education, my primary instrument is Piano.

I love my family and friends very much.

About the Blog;
I started this blog as a way to share the lessons I learned while going through many aspects of life; depression, grief, bullying, negative self image, being a manager and many more. I want to impart some wisdom that I have gain to those who are seeking help. I am a firm believer in that wisdom is power, and those seeking help deserve to have answers and solutions to their questions.

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